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Craft fail? No such thing





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Doily lamp shade

Ok, so things don’t always go the way you hope but that’s no reason to give up eh? Take my lastest crafting attempt. I’d come across this idea from a while ago and thought it looked fun. I’d forgotten about it until a trip to my local laboratory store and saw they’d used the idea for their latest window display, so I jumped into action.

Now the original article I saw called for wall paper paste which I’ve discovered is not that easy to find in Australia!? I have no idea why but when you do find it in bunnings it costs a fortune! But I won’t go on, because other comments said using mod podge worked just as well. Hmmmm, not only did this turn out to be quite expensive, and messy, it turned the pretty white doilies yellow ūüė¶ I figured I could always spay the doilies with paint later though.



Unfortunately when I popped the balloon the doilies weren’t quite dry and it collapsed – impatience ruins another project!


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Gorilla Knitters

gorilla knitters

gorilla knitters



Graffiti has traditionally been produced from a can of spray paint on a wall or a marker pen on a toilet door but a bunch of underground crafters are adding a more tactile touch to dreary city areas.

Gorilla knitting started back in 2005, when an american group called ¬†‘knitta please ‘ began the art form of wrapping posts and trees in wool.

Also called ‘yarnbombing’ , the trail traveled to London in 2009 with a gang of wooly warriors who’s mission was to :-

guerilla knit the city of London, and beyond that the world, and bring the art of the sneaky stitch to a world without wool.‘¬† Knit the city


Gorilla Knitted Tree


Gorilla Knitted Bus!

So if you have some left over unfinished projects – you know what to do!

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Plastic Crap

If you are anything like me you can’t resist buying a kinder surprise every now and then, not only for it’s delicious chocolate but for its’s toy inside! As i’ve got older my love of the chocolate has not waned but my love of plastic crap cluttering up the place has.

image from boingboing

I recently chucked out a load of colourful trinkets (that I seem to keep finding under my feet). Now i’m gonna have to head down the dollar store/op shop/ kinder store to create one of these wonders!

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Crappy Crafts

Sometimes art projects don’t quite turn out as you expect them to be.

Where's my head at?


I’ve ended up with a lot of crapy crafts and projects (that I usually rushed) but I learnt something from all of them (that i’m no good at hand sewing/that I have little patience!) ¬†However it’s having a go that’s important, you never know when your going to find your next favorite craft!

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.
~Harry Truman

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