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DIY Decals

Decals are all the rage at the moment, there are some lovely designs around but they can cost around $30-$100. So if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands (and patience) then why not make your own from contact paper!

I bought a whole roll of black contact for $2 and still had plenty left after this creation. Now, I can’t take credit for this, my husband Jake, spent his day off on this Banksy design. I had been hinting that I wanted a cat and well, this is what I got!

Jake found a design he liked, photocopied it, attached it over the contact then carefully, used a scalpel to cut around the design.

The good thing about contact paper is that it easily comes off with no residue when you’re sick of it, just make  sure your wall surface is clean before application.

 Contact comes in lots of different colours, I think I’ll have a go next and cut out some of my favourite quotes like these below.  

                     image from vi.sualize.us
                   Image from Flicker


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