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Grunge it up

I love the look of old photographs and am a huge fan of photo apps that make your digital shots look like polaroids or old film. What I like most about snapseed however is the grunge photo effect which allows you to ‘dirty up’ pictures with textures overlaid which can be easily altered to your liking. This is a quick alternative for scrapbookers instead of using sandpaper and paint etc, and of course it doesn’t ruin the photo!



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I’m so excited to use my new purchase, solar powered paper! I’ve seen only a few examples of this technique called Cyanotype which is basically photography without a camera.

All you have to do (once you’ve sourced the paper or material which I stumbled across in a shop called magma, Erlham street, London. But now I know what it’s called I’m sure you can find it online!) ….. Is place any object or transparency on the paper or Cyanotype material, expose in strong sunlight and rinse in water to reveal a beautiful rich blue print.

You can use plants, lace, photo negatives, x-rays, or any object to create awesome sun photos.

This type of process has been around since 1842 and was popularized by Anna Atkins one of the first female photographers.

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Photo Effects

Photostudio hd is a great new iPad app that I’ve been using to create some cool effects on my photos. The app allows you to do the usual cropping and contrast alterations of a normal photo editing suite but has loads of extra effects that are simple to apply such as a rusty look, old antique style photograph, or layers of fire!


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