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Wax candle holders


Here’s a great idea for a table display. I love that the wax candles are held inside wax, so fragile. Try adding some dye to create different colours. For instructions visit here


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Snow globes


Check out these snow globes to make in I’ve always wondered how the snow stays afloat now I know the secret is glycerin! I can’t wait to make one for my friend.

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Christmas fans

Having flipped through an old copy of ‘Better Homes and gardens’ in my dentists waiting room, I came across some cool ideas for Christmas decorations using paper. I started the process but soon realized this was going to take a while to get a really good bunch together to hang on the wall and trees so I’ll come back to it another time!

What you’ll need

Different scrapbooking papers (3 of the same pattern to make one large)
String to hang them




Concertina the paper and fold in half securing with a staple



Join 3 up together with staples to form a large fan


For a smaller fan cut in half. Poke a hole at the top and thread some glittery string for christmas decorations or glue smaller ones to larger ones to make for a wall display.

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Business Time

So I’m heading up to the gold coast to for a weekend of seminars and realised that my old business cards are out if date. So I thought I’d quickly whip some up myself. Ordinarily I’d suggest getting your business cards done professionally, but if your in the handmade business it makes sense to have a go yourself.

Here I found some cool material I liked, scanned the image in and printed them on card. This does involve a bit of computer faffing about with formatting and I’m sure the are easier ways but today I’m impatient and want some now! The only bit I don’t like is when it comes to cutting them up, for some reason I’m terrible at using a ruler, even on the healing Matt with all the lines I seem to struggle getting straight lines!




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Paper Monsters

I love nothing more than reading a good book, in fact multitasker that I am, I usually read about 3 at a time. Usually I’m ashamed to say, I keep my place with scrappy bits of paper or old crumpled receipts from the chemist. But no more, I’m going to make some of these handy little corner keepers! Maybe not in monster form but I’m sure inspiration will hit from one of my bedtime tales!

Instructions here



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Canvas light


What you neeed:

2 packs of tall lighted branches
Bundle of sticks
Bag of moss
Green canvas paint
Canvas Molding Paste 16oz
Paste spatula
Paint brush
E6000 glue
Tools Needed
Staple gun


Start by mixing molding paste with green paint.

Then apply to canvas to give it texture.

Let paste dry overnight, then apply green paint to give the project some depth.

After paint has dried, glue lighted branches and sticks with E6000 glue. Make sure cords are at the bottom of the painting.

Add the moss to cover the cords and create texture at the bottom.

After glue is dry, display and hang up.

Idea by craft warehouse


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Time for Slime!

There’s always time for slime but with Halloween coming up I thought a reciepe for the green stuff was needed, here provided for ¬†from ‘Totally Kids Times’.

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One of my favorite products to use is ‘craft smart liquid gloss resin’. Resin gives a glassy, clear protection over your work instead of using glass or about a thousand coats of varnish! It can be messy stuff and should always be used with latex gloves ( believe me I’ve learnt the hard way!). However there is also a product called ‘craft smart clean up’ which is great for spills.

I usually use resin in my jewelry making or to cover art work but today I’ve put the resin to another use making a boring tray into something more me. The resin is strong enough to hold hot cups without marking and is washable for when I spill my cup of tea.






1. Choose your papers or materials to place on a dust free tray.

2. Decoupage the tray using any PVA glue making sure you layer so you can’t see the tray beneath.

3. Leave to dry for 24 hrs.

4. Mix together part and and part b of resin in equal amounts and pour over tray using a spatular to get into corners.

5. Leave for at least 48 hours in a dust free area.

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I love to collect stuff. Interesting coins, tickets, little plastic toys, just unimportant things that look pretty or remind me of a special time. Usually these trinkets lay in a dark box or at the back of a drawer, but every now and then I make a diorama – a miniature scene with bits and bobs. Here I’ve used a small box, cutting out the lid to make a frame and covering it with material.

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Sometimes you can’t find the beads you want, so why not make some of your own? These were made with fimo which I find can be a bit tricky as it tends to leave finger prints on your work – crafty tip, use latex gloves! The pictures were made by pressing stamps into the fimo before heating in the oven.


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