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I’m so excited to use my new purchase, solar powered paper! I’ve seen only a few examples of this technique called Cyanotype which is basically photography without a camera.

All you have to do (once you’ve sourced the paper or material which I stumbled across in a shop called magma, Erlham street, London. But now I know what it’s called I’m sure you can find it online!) ….. Is place any object or transparency on the paper or Cyanotype material, expose in strong sunlight and rinse in water to reveal a beautiful rich blue print.

You can use plants, lace, photo negatives, x-rays, or any object to create awesome sun photos.

This type of process has been around since 1842 and was popularized by Anna Atkins one of the first female photographers.


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Blue Ribbon


I found this wonderfully delicate piece of lacy blue ribbon in the bottom of a basket of crap and knew I had to take it home. There are so many posibilities!

1. Make it into a bracelet (done!)
2. Wrap around into a headband
3. Use it as a belt
4. Paint through it as a stencil
5. Gift wrap a present for a friend
6. Use as trim for a skirt
7. Decorate a scrapbook page

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Peacock Outfit

Here’s what I ended up looking like for a animal themed costume party. I came as a peacock.

Peacock dress up

I managed to find 40 peacock feathers for sale on eBay for less than $9 postage included – bargain!

I made the tulle tutu by sewing about 5 layers to a big piece of elastic than attached feathers on felt with my trusty glue gun.

I bought some shoulder pads and added more feathers and a sprinkle of beads and glitter which I just pinned on to a shrug.

The back tail was made by attaching feathers to a piece of stiffened material and pinned on.

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