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Ok, so I’ve just found my new favourite website and wanted to share it with you! Are you a collector of beautiful things? A hoarder of stuff? Do you cut out magazines pictures and stick them all over your wall to inspire your day? If so, this site is for you.  Pinterest keeps all the pretty things you see and love on the web in one neat, tidy and organinsed  place for you to browse as it suits!

Simply load the ‘pin it’ button to your bookmark bar and when you see something you want to share/remember/dream about/fantasise over – click the pin and it’s in!

Pinterest is currently invite only, I’m not sure exactly what that means but it makes it sound like an exclusive club so I like it!  All you have to do is sign up to request to be a part of the pin fest and wait and see if you get accepted (which Im sure you will).  Happy pinning!


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Ambigram tattoo


Here is a picture of my most recent tattoo. The tattoo is a type of ambigram called a symbiotogram which is a word when turned 180 degrees reads as a different word.

The words visualise/materialize are my basic philosophy in life. I really believe that if you focus on what you want and see it happening in your mind then you can make it a reality. I know this has personally worked for me many times.

One example of this was back in 2004, before ‘the secret’ had come out and before I’d even heard of the law of attraction I began writing down the things I wanted to have happen in my life.

I imagined having all the money in the world to travel the world, go to art classes all day and buy a house. At the time I literally had no money, no job and was living in an overcrowded house. I had been sitting in my pyjamas for 3 days feeling thoroughly miserable. However just writing my desires down made me feel better and inspired.

Literally within a week my life turned around and I won a place on deal or no deal in the UK where I eventually won
£22,000 and did what I set out to do- travelled the world, went to art classes and put a deposit on land to build my

I had always wanted the words visualize and materialize as a tattoo but wasn’t sure how or where to get it when I came across an ambigram generator website called wow . Here I just entered two words and it came up with the designs below which I drew out.

I had decided I didn’t really want the font to be so gothic so had to start the extremely tough challenge of designing the font myself. I searched the internet for help on how to create your own ambigrams and found, well there’s no easy way! It took about a week of headaches to get something I was happy with.






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Paper Worlds



I was always taught never to turn the page down on the corner of a book as it may rip and tear and ruin the pages. Books are precious things that in todays world, seem seldom used. So I did feel a little uneasy when I first saw these pictures however i’m assured that the artist at least reads the book a few times before turning it into a delicate piece of art.








Artist Su Blackwell is one of an increasing number of paper artists who seem to be popping up at the moment. You may have recently seen her work on the ‘pottermore’ advert for J. K Rowlings new website.





I’m quite tempted to get out my scalpel and cut away, although I can see this becoming a little frustrating for my lack of patience!  There’s so much detail in her pieces check more of her work here.

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Button Maker

I’d often wondered how people made fabric covered buttons and assumed it would be a tricky fiddly job that would require a big piece of machinery, so you can imagine my delight when I came across Jackobindi and found a whole button making kit for under $25!

How to use your Button Making kit

1. Cut out a circle of your chosen material

2. Centre the metal cap over the part you want for the button

3. Push hard into the plastic button making tool

4. Cut away excess material

5.  Tuck all of the marterial in so none is exposed and place  button back on top

6. Use second plastic tool to push till it pops!

These all took 5 mins to make and can be used to sew on bags, hair clips, jewellery,etc check out jackobindi site for more information.

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