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I love beads

Here are some of the necklaces I’ve made in the last few days with the beads I bought in London. Bead works in Covent garden is the best bead store I’ve ever come across. They have everything, wooden beads, crystal, glass and porcelain. I have real trouble finding good bead stores in Melbourne and often find shopping on line the easiest way to get unusual supplies, but it’s not the same as holding them in your hand. So If anyone knows of a store in Melbourne that has a wide selection of beads let me know!





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Moss Grotto

In my life I have been lucky enough to travel the world to wonderful countries  like Morocco, Mexico and Malaysia however, getting there usually meant saving all my pennies for flights and accommodation rather that shipping home beautiful items. Oh how my chest aches at the thought of all of the interesting ornaments and bits and bobs i’ve left on shelves and market stalls.

‘ If only my backpack could carry more!’.

So my heart both wept and leapt when I found this beautiful shop in Barwon Heads called Moss Grotto. It is like a wonderland of travels and exploration. Of course having being imported the prices are not cheap, but for those of you like me who wish they could fill their home with interesting objects that start a conversation, this is a one stop shop.

3/53 Hitchcock Ave, Barwon Heads, Vic 3227

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Born On Sunday

Whilst walking along the drab streets of Geelong, I came across this piece of gold tucked away on Little Malop Street. I only had a few minutes before my parking ticket ran out (which by the way someone else had kindly paid for – thank you universe!)

Born on Sunday is full of beautiful, peculiar art and Vintage treats. I’ll definitely be back to have a longer look.

I especially love these creepy doll displays. I went straight to the op shop to hunt down dolls heads to have a go myself – keep posted to see how I go!

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The Laboratory

One of my favourite shops to hit Torquay is ‘The Laboratory’.  Not only does it hold great affordable clothing, but it’s displays are outstanding.

They opened their new Torquay store with a window display of ice cream cones hung on beautifully coloured ribbons! Crazy, I love it!

One of the display creators Kim, gives me updates at work saying how she’s been up all night making paper cranes or glue gunning plates lamps to the ceiling! It certainly gets me in the store and I’m sure many other passers by are drawn in by the creativity on show.

This week it’s Pom Poms!  What a long time this must have taken.  Apparently they made them the traditional way and with a pom pom maker but found the slow way gave a better, fuller pom pom.


The shelves are filled with lots to look at whilst your friend is in the changing room.

The glue gun definately gets a work out in this store!

28 Gilbert St Torquay Victoria 0352619162

407 Sturt St Ballarat Victoria 0353324612

151a Pakington St Geelong Victoria 0352228470

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