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Book shelves

How cool is this? I found this idea on pint rest but there was no source to say where it came from. I love finding pretty books that I have no intention of reading, now I’ve got a use for them!



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Paper Monsters

I love nothing more than reading a good book, in fact multitasker that I am, I usually read about 3 at a time. Usually I’m ashamed to say, I keep my place with scrappy bits of paper or old crumpled receipts from the chemist. But no more, I’m going to make some of these handy little corner keepers! Maybe not in monster form but I’m sure inspiration will hit from one of my bedtime tales!

Instructions here



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Love Listography

I  Love lists, I write them all the time, at work, on the bus, at home.  The pleasure that I get when I can tick something off it makes me feel that the trifle stuff in my life is being accomplished and i’ll be ready to tackle the larger things, which of course, lay further down the list.

This book theLove listography’ has space for you to write those you’ve kissed (probably not enough room for my list), name those one night stands (if you can remember their names) and list your favourite love songs

Other list books by Lisa Nola include My Listography: My Amazing life in lists, Music listography journal and My Future Listography: All I hope to do in Lists

Don’t you love it when a book provides you with more ways to procrastinate?! 🙂


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