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Don’t Shop-Op!

Sometimes I just have this insatiable need to spend money, to buy something just for the sake of it – and I know i’m not alone. Sometimes we all just need a little retail fix, a pick me up from the monotonous day we’ve had.

But when does this become a problem? I have friends who float around the stores in a haze not even knowing half the stuff they’ve bought. Shopping addiction is just like any other money sucking habit. Which is why, on these occasions where I feel the urge to splurge I head straight to the nearest op-shop.

A purchase at Op- shop never costs much. You can leave with a whole outfit without spending $20. Not only are you saving your hard earned cash, you’re helping a charity too. So next time you feel your money burning a hole in your pocket why not head to your local second hand store. Treat yourself to an old book for 50c or a vintage tea towel – I swear you’ll get the same buzz as buying something new- plus a warm afterglow of knowing your money is going to good rather than some big branded company.

Hours: Mon to Fri 10:00 to 2:00

Geelong Hospital Auxilary Op Shop

171 Malop Street, Geelong

Hours : Monday – Friday 10-2pm



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