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Gorilla Knitters

gorilla knitters

gorilla knitters



Graffiti has traditionally been produced from a can of spray paint on a wall or a marker pen on a toilet door but a bunch of underground crafters are adding a more tactile touch to dreary city areas.

Gorilla knitting started back in 2005, when an american group called  ‘knitta please ‘ began the art form of wrapping posts and trees in wool.

Also called ‘yarnbombing’ , the trail traveled to London in 2009 with a gang of wooly warriors who’s mission was to :-

guerilla knit the city of London, and beyond that the world, and bring the art of the sneaky stitch to a world without wool.‘  Knit the city


Gorilla Knitted Tree


Gorilla Knitted Bus!

So if you have some left over unfinished projects – you know what to do!


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