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Christmas fans

Having flipped through an old copy of ‘Better Homes and gardens’ in my dentists waiting room, I came across some cool ideas for Christmas decorations using paper. I started the process but soon realized this was going to take a while to get a really good bunch together to hang on the wall and trees so I’ll come back to it another time!

What you’ll need

Different scrapbooking papers (3 of the same pattern to make one large)
String to hang them




Concertina the paper and fold in half securing with a staple



Join 3 up together with staples to form a large fan


For a smaller fan cut in half. Poke a hole at the top and thread some glittery string for christmas decorations or glue smaller ones to larger ones to make for a wall display.


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Paper Monsters

I love nothing more than reading a good book, in fact multitasker that I am, I usually read about 3 at a time. Usually I’m ashamed to say, I keep my place with scrappy bits of paper or old crumpled receipts from the chemist. But no more, I’m going to make some of these handy little corner keepers! Maybe not in monster form but I’m sure inspiration will hit from one of my bedtime tales!

Instructions here



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Magnet Make-over


I seem to get a lot of these advertising magnets through the door and find them handy for the fridge.

However they don’t really fit with my decor so I jazzed them up a little bit by sticking some left over wrapping paper over them. 


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Paper Lanterns

It’s time to recycle that old melways you have! To learn how to make this project click here


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