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Time for Slime!

There’s always time for slime but with Halloween coming up I thought a reciepe for the green stuff was needed, here provided for ¬†from ‘Totally Kids Times’.


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Doily lamp shade

Ok, so things don’t always go the way you hope but that’s no reason to give up eh? Take my lastest crafting attempt. I’d come across this idea from a while ago and thought it looked fun. I’d forgotten about it until a trip to my local laboratory store and saw they’d used the idea for their latest window display, so I jumped into action.

Now the original article I saw called for wall paper paste which I’ve discovered is not that easy to find in Australia!? I have no idea why but when you do find it in bunnings it costs a fortune! But I won’t go on, because other comments said using mod podge worked just as well. Hmmmm, not only did this turn out to be quite expensive, and messy, it turned the pretty white doilies yellow ūüė¶ I figured I could always spay the doilies with paint later though.



Unfortunately when I popped the balloon the doilies weren’t quite dry and it collapsed – impatience ruins another project!


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Ok, so I’ve just found my new favourite website and wanted to share it with you! Are you a collector of beautiful things? A hoarder of stuff? Do you cut out magazines pictures and stick them all over your wall to inspire your day? If so, this site is for you. ¬†Pinterest keeps all the pretty things you see and love on the web in one neat, tidy and organinsed ¬†place for you to browse as it suits!

Simply load the ‘pin it’ button to your bookmark bar and when you see something you want to share/remember/dream about/fantasise over – click the pin and it’s in!

Pinterest is currently invite only, I’m not sure exactly what that means but it makes it sound like an exclusive club so I like it! ¬†All you have to do is sign up to request to be a part of the pin fest and wait and see if you get accepted (which Im sure you will). ¬†Happy pinning!

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