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Rubber Stamping

I bought some rubber dies  the other day and was trying to come up with a cheap way of mounting them to use.   The ‘die’ is the rubber part and contains the image that you push into the ink.

Rubber Dies

Of course unmounted stamps are best used attached to an acrylic block so you are able to position your stamp easily over the paper, however these can be costly.  I thought about attaching them to wooden blocks but by the time i’ve bought wood and chopped them to the right size… well i’m too impatient for that too.

Rubber Dies

So while I was wondering around Bunnings I got the idea to attach stick-on hooks!

The hooks make it easy to pick up and push down evenly and because they come in lots of different sizes I was able to find the perfect fitting ones- plus they only cost a couple of dollars for the pack of 8.

Remember to store your rubber stamps out of the direct sunlight so they don’t crack or dry out.  Ideally they should be kept in a box or small drawer so air can’t get to them too.

When you’ve finished stamping to keep your stamps looking good rub off the excess ink on a damp piece of cloth and dry with a dry one.   If your stamps are really in need of a good clean then gently scrub with a tooth brush and warm soapy water and dry off.



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