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How To Keep Customers Coming Back For Your Handmade Crafts

Self employment is the ultimate objective for many people and the attraction is greatly increased when the business happens to be something you’re passionate about. For many artists who decide to take the next steps into selling crafts, it can be a struggle to deal with the business side of things such as marketing and promotions. Ultimately this can cause their craft businesses to fail.

As in any business, it’s the volume of sales and profit you make that will determine whether or not your craft business will be a success or a pipe dream. These days it is not good enough to attract customers to your products and forget about them. Once you’ve got a new customer you have to think about how you’ll keep them returning again and again.

So what are the best ways to keep your customers coming back?

1. Make more of what sells. What items do you already make that are the most popular? Let your customers tell you what they like and keep on improving/updating/making variations of what works. Customers are more likely to return if they know they’ll be getting more of what they like.

2. Quality Control. Making sure your crafts are of the highest quality will reassure your customers that they can trust your products. Making sure your crafts are well above that of your competitors, is a sure way of attracting a loyal following.

3. Give more value. Give your returning customers extra value by offering a discount on their next purchase. This can be a code they type into your website or a simple voucher attached to their receipt. Everyone loves a bargain, what else can you offer to repeat customers?

4. Build your list. When a new potential customer comes to your stall/shop/online market, get their details! Even if they don’t buy anything ask for their email address to join your mailing list or get them to ‘like’ your businesses Facebook page. This allows you to promote any new items or sales you have coming up.

5. Create relationships. If you have a twitter account or a Facebook page for your crafts business (which you should do!) remember it’s not all about sell! sell! sell! No one wants to read about what new crafts your trying to flog everyday. Instead it’s about being more ‘real’. Share your creative processes, add photos of your holidays where you were inspired. Of course keep it professional but let your customers feel like they know you better.

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