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One of my favorite products to use is ‘craft smart liquid gloss resin’. Resin gives a glassy, clear protection over your work instead of using glass or about a thousand coats of varnish! It can be messy stuff and should always be used with latex gloves ( believe me I’ve learnt the hard way!). However there is also a product called ‘craft smart clean up’ which is great for spills.

I usually use resin in my jewelry making or to cover art work but today I’ve put the resin to another use making a boring tray into something more me. The resin is strong enough to hold hot cups without marking and is washable for when I spill my cup of tea.






1. Choose your papers or materials to place on a dust free tray.

2. Decoupage the tray using any PVA glue making sure you layer so you can’t see the tray beneath.

3. Leave to dry for 24 hrs.

4. Mix together part and and part b of resin in equal amounts and pour over tray using a spatular to get into corners.

5. Leave for at least 48 hours in a dust free area.


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