How To Set Up Your Craft Market Stall

It can be an exciting and terrifying experience setting up your craft market stall for the first time. You’ll be starting early and may not know anyone else so a little preparation is needed before you charge ahead. Before you start, make sure to visit other markets and take notes on what you like so you can see what size tables and market tent you’ll want to purchase. Have a look at the other stalls and see which crafts sell well. Make sure there is no one selling anything too similar to your crafts at the market you are choosing to start at.

It is a good idea to practice setting up your stall at home first to see how long it will take you to get everything out and ready. The following tips will make you feel more confident about your first market experience and will ensure you are prepared to sell your crafts.

1. Create levels and space– Display your items clearly. Use different levels to maximise your space. Use the walls if you have a larger tent area. Layout your tables in different formations to see what encourages people to browse longer.

2. Use Props – Think of unusual ways to display your crafts, an old suitcase or basket or a piece of drift wood to hang items off. Create a setting for your crafts don’t just have them lying flat. Use either a crisp white sheet to cover your table or some other material of your choice. Of course a small mirror is essential if you are selling jewellery and a full length one for clothing.

3. The price is right – People don’t want to keep asking you how much something is. Price all items clearly but discreetly either on the product or on a price list displayed in a cute frame. Make sure you have a wide variety of priced crafts. Have a few things that only cost $5 mixed in with more costly items so everyone can afford to buy a little something. Combine items together for a lower price – everyone loves a bargain or wrap up multiple items in a pretty box for a more expensive purchases.

4. Take credit cards– Although a lot of markets don’t accept credit cards, jump ahead of the game by saying you do! PayPal now has a virtual terminal and there are now iPhone Apps like iswipe.

5. Have enough stock – Once you’ve worked out what crafts to sell make sure you bring enough of them. I’m sure It would feel great to sell out of an item but it probably means you could have sold a few more if you’d had them!

6. Bring your tools– In case someone needs a necklace made shorter or something breaks. Plus you can make some things while you wait for your customers. Also remember to bring some snack and water as it will be a long day!

7. Give Away something For Free – Everyone loves the word ‘free’. Draw customers to your table by offering something for free such as a fortune card or sticker.

8. Offer a wrapping service -You could do this for free or charge $1, I would suggest you only do this if you really trust your wrapping skills!

9. Take notes – Have a book handy to jot down any comments from customers or problems you had. It’s important to write down what you’ve sold for your records and to see what was popular so you’ll know what crafts to bring to sell for next time.

10. Have a positive attitude – Don’t just sit there, talk to people but don’t be too overbearing! Even if the weathers bad or your feeling tired, repeat to yourself ‘I will sell my crafts and the people will buy!’ Make friends with other sellers too, you’re going to be next to these people for a while, don’t see these people as your competition, hopefully you’ve all got something unique to bring. Plus you never know when nature calls and you need someone to watch over your stall!

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