Canvas light


What you neeed:

2 packs of tall lighted branches
Bundle of sticks
Bag of moss
Green canvas paint
Canvas Molding Paste 16oz
Paste spatula
Paint brush
E6000 glue
Tools Needed
Staple gun


Start by mixing molding paste with green paint.

Then apply to canvas to give it texture.

Let paste dry overnight, then apply green paint to give the project some depth.

After paint has dried, glue lighted branches and sticks with E6000 glue. Make sure cords are at the bottom of the painting.

Add the moss to cover the cords and create texture at the bottom.

After glue is dry, display and hang up.

Idea by craft warehouse



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2 responses to “Canvas light

  1. Where does it plug in? Is it battery powered? You said make sure the cord is at the bottom. Great idea I want to copy, just not sure about the cord. Thanks.

    • AlanO.

      I’ve seen some lighted branches at Walmart and they were battery powered so I’m guessing these ones are also. I’m sure there are lighted branches out there with cords if you didn’t want the hassle of changing out the batteries. And I’m sure you could work around the cord if you did choose that route.

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