The Laboratory

One of my favourite shops to hit Torquay is ‘The Laboratory’.  Not only does it hold great affordable clothing, but it’s displays are outstanding.

They opened their new Torquay store with a window display of ice cream cones hung on beautifully coloured ribbons! Crazy, I love it!

One of the display creators Kim, gives me updates at work saying how she’s been up all night making paper cranes or glue gunning plates lamps to the ceiling! It certainly gets me in the store and I’m sure many other passers by are drawn in by the creativity on show.

This week it’s Pom Poms!  What a long time this must have taken.  Apparently they made them the traditional way and with a pom pom maker but found the slow way gave a better, fuller pom pom.


The shelves are filled with lots to look at whilst your friend is in the changing room.

The glue gun definately gets a work out in this store!

28 Gilbert St Torquay Victoria 0352619162

407 Sturt St Ballarat Victoria 0353324612

151a Pakington St Geelong Victoria 0352228470


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