Felting Friends


I keep talking about wanting to have a pet- I’d love a cute little kitten or a puppy, but in reality I’m not a pet person.  I’d probably forget to feed them or lock them out of the house or something.

So in the mean time, while I wait till my responsibity gene kicks in, i’ll make my own furry friends using Kyuutoi’s book.

Little Blue Bird



Here’s my first little friend made by needle felting.  This technique involves stabbling an extreamly sharp barbed needle into wool roving very quickly and carefully.  It’s pretty much impossible to avoid making your fingers bleed at some point!

This little critter took a couple of hours to complete, but hopefully i’ll get quicker!

I first learnt about felting from watching needle felter Jenn Docherty on the Martha Stewart show.  Her designs are so beautiful I want them all!

Isn’t this georgous!  All of    her animals are cute as.  For  the person who has  everything these would  make a great little gift.  Check out jenns etsy  store here.






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