Valentines Vajazzle!

I couldn’t help but share this sign I came across in Melbourne. It seems Vajazzling has hit Australia. Made famous by Jennifer- love -Hewitt comments in various interviews admitting to her love of the treatment, vajazzling is the ‘bedazzling’ of the nether regions. Perfect for the crafter who loves to glam things up from head to…er.. well you get the picture.

Are you game enough?

Basically vajazzling involves strategically placing swarovki crystals on your brazilian. Apparently this will last for about 5-7 days so would be the perfect valentines day gift to your partner!

To be honest I don’t think i’d be game enough, letting a Brazilian grow back is itchy enough without having a handful of sticky crystals in the way!



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2 responses to “Valentines Vajazzle!

  1. Pesch

    Where’s the pics??!!!!!!

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